Durability Starts with Material Integrity

Which material is the structure made of?


Exposed metals can deteriorate faster overtime if not protected. Learn what preventative measure should be taken.


Depending on the concrete mix, materials can deteriorate faster if not used in the appropriate environment.


Masonry materials such as marble, limestone and terra-cotta all perform differently depending of environmental factors.


Wooden materials can be susceptible to deterioration if not sealed with protective barriers.

Materials perform differently in different environments

Which environmental factors are impacting the material's durability?


Soil properties can cause unintended chemical reactions to materials in not fully understood.


Water can initiate and accelerate unintended chemical reactions.


Temperature and Humidity can accelerate deterioration rates.

Durable Materials Make Durable Structures

Save time and money. We provide you the scientific data needed to make informed decisions regarding material durability.

We help our clients by creating timelines to the performance of construction materials and its impact to the overall structure. Through our Life52® holistic approach, we help identify degradation rates to project future material failures. This saves our clients money, time, and potential liabilities.