Preservation Awareness Month

Throughout the month of May, Echem Consultants highlighted the team’s favorite historic structures in an effort to bring awareness to the importance of preservation. As material scientists with a passion for the preservation of the built environment, we strive to extend the service life of our clients’ structures.  We utilize cutting edge technology, with a knowledge of historic construction techniques and materials, to assess the long-term performance of existing, historic and new structures into the future.  To determine future impacts,… Read More »Preservation Awareness Month

Identify Problem Areas Quickly with Data Fusion

Many people wait until they see visible signs of failure. Learn how our team can provide you with insight to the structure and its critical components. Our team can help to quantify defects and estimate the remaining service life.  We help to provide reliable evaluations of critical infrastructure utilizing various Non-Destructive Techniques (NDT).  Combining results of multiple techniques can increase confidence levels when identifying damages in structures. As shown in the figure below, our Multi-Array Surface Penetrating Analysis Radar (MASPAR)… Read More »Identify Problem Areas Quickly with Data Fusion

Association for Preservation Technology [APT] conference – Miami, FL

Echem Consultants will be exhibiting at the upcoming Association for Preservation Technology [APT] conference in Miami, FL from Nov. 19th – 23rd. Located between the Everglades swamp and the Atlantic Ocean, the dynamic port city of Miami is the setting for the 2019 APT Conference. Miami is a uniquely subtropical and diverse locale where Spanish, French and Portuguese language is as prevalent as English. Engaging sessions, workshops and a symposium will delve into the most pressing issues affecting 21st century… Read More »Association for Preservation Technology [APT] conference – Miami, FL

Concrete Solutions Conference – Romania

Echem Consultants’ Principal, Gina Crevello, and Chief Technical Director, Paul Noyce, will be speaking about corrosion testing at the upcoming Concrete Solutions Conference in Romania on Sept. 30th – Oct. 2nd. The Concrete Solutions 7th International Conference on Concrete Repair will take place in Cluj Arena, Cluj Napoca, Romania. “A Novel Approach to In-depth Façade Assessments: Improved Corrosion Test Methods for Embedded Steel Framing in Historic Masonry Clad Buildings” – written by Gina Crevello, Irene Matteini and Paul Noyce Read publication here “ASR:… Read More »Concrete Solutions Conference – Romania

Echem Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Originally established in September 2009, Echem Consultants (Echem) celebrates its 10th year in business this month. The idea for Echem was conceived when Principal, Gina Crevello, decided to pursue a corrosion and material science consultancy after 10 years in practice. The mission of Echem is to bridge the gap between corrosion science and material diagnostics for existing and historic structures. Echem strives to understand current conditions to project future durability of critical infrastructure and one-of-a-kind historical landmarks. September 28, 2009… Read More »Echem Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Echem Expands to the United Kingdom

Echem’s offices have officially expanded to include the UK market. Led by Luke Di Maria in Operations and Ken Dykes in Business Development, we are excited to accept opportunities to provide long-term durability to critical structures of all types. For inquiries, please contact us.