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"Due to the ephemeral nature of some building materials, the most delicate approach must be taken."

Historic Preservation

Historic preservation or conservation (UK) aims to preserve and protect the built environment. This includes buildings, monuments, landscapes and sites which embody cultural and historical significance. Relics of the past which are identified with a key historical person, event, architectural style, engineering feat or reflection of the past deserve protection from the encroachment of development, insensitive additions, change of use, and demolition. The tenants of preservation are to ‘do no harm’ to the structure and to balance interventions with sensitivity to the building fabric, historical significance, and ensure that additions or stabilization efforts are reversible.

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A full range of laboratories services are available for materials testing. Concrete, masonry and metallographic programs are developed with our in house experts. We also offer research and development expertise with third party material development.


An extensive range of inspection services are offered to diagnose, document and analyze materials. Our services can be applied to the most complex of material problems. Corrosion in concrete and masonry degradation are some of Echem’s unique competencies due to our state of the art approach.

Field Construction

Field construction services include construction administration, training and installation support for contractors, and client representation for third party QA/QC.




Consultant based firm specializing in material analysis service life assessments, durability and corrosion mitigation. Services are offered for existing structures and new construction.